Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What to do when all else fails?

Monday 24th September

The meal last night was everything I could have hoped for and some good conversation certainly beat my usual habit of talking to a ball I have found on the beach and christened Mitre.

Got up this morning and went into the bathroom (toilet really with a shower head sticking out of the wall) and there was no water. The header tank on stilts next to the building must be empty, so a shower consisted of ladling cold water out of a bucket using a Thermos flask top (just like camping in England really).  Thankfully I have a flask filled every evening for a shave and early coffee so that was ok.

Dressed and thinking in terms of clearing any back log of work, sat down, all ready; and the electricity cut off.


The day got better eventually.
I arrived at school and was getting organised when one of the From III pupils arrived with a big pile of books.  The exercise books they use are hard backed and roughly the size of the old foolscap, before this new fangled A4, A5 etc.  They are reminiscent of the old cash register books in size (for those of you over 50 that can remember such things).  Anyway, these books had been collected and arrived with the expectation that I mark the work that had been set on Thursday.  No – ‘the dog ate it’ – or – ‘I left me book at home’.  All done and in the main a pleasure to mark.

Different Continent - Same Problem

Better things ahead as, after teaching another lesson with this group and setting more exercises, they must have had a private study period because forty minutes later a boy appeared and asked if he should collect their books because they had all finished the work.  As there was still no electricity so I.T. classes were out, I thought, “Why not”, and so at least I am well in front with my marking.

At break one of the boys asked if he could see me and said that he was worried he had missed some of the work in Form II and could I help him.  I found a text book and found the first section he was worried about. (Standard Notation for those with a memory of things mathematical.) We went through some examples including multiplying and dividing and he raced through them.  The intelligence of some of the students coupled with such a thirst for knowledge is astounding and certainly makes me feel that it is all worthwhile.

Arrived home and no change to the electricity and water situation so decided the most sensible way of cooling off and clearing the dust was the ocean, so quickly changed and went for a dip.  It ain’t all bad by any means.

The power came back on at 6:00 pm.

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