Friday, 28 September 2012

A millionaire for a day

Friday September 28th

I won’t bore you with the journey to and from Tanga you know all about that by now.  Suffice to say that the big bus was cancelled this morning at 7:00 so against my better judgement I boarded a ‘Dala dala’ (minibus) yet again. They don't get any better.

A Bajaj

A bajaj to Barclays used the last of my notes so it was with relief I went up to the counter, quoted my account number, showed a photostat of my passport and withdrew 1 000 000 shillingi.  I’ve decided that I can’t cope with a weekly journey to Tanga so I withdrew enough to pay my board for a few weeks in advance.  Coming out of the bank I once again found a friendly motorcyclist who ferried me to my various destinations and happily waited whilst I shopped etc.

You might have noticed from the pictures of my classes that the students are fairly evenly split between Christians and Muslems happily working together, although certainly, as you saw on the back of the bus coming out of Dar, religion is not something to hide away in the closet.

On the bus coming home the gentleman next to me pulled out his newspaper and started to avidly read the articles.  I glanced over and obviously didn’t understand the Swahili but had to smile to see Manchester City, John Terry, Wayne Rooney, Arsenal etc etc standing out in the middle of what, to me, was gobble-de-gook.  They certainly love their premiership football out here.

Arrived home for another swim and time to chill and oh, yes, I did manage to buy a chicken at the ‘Spar’ so tonight I enjoyed a much welcome break from my usual fare.


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