Friday, 14 September 2012

Perhaps have to rethink the adventure part

Friday September 14th

After a rice and chicken dinner (get used to it Stuart), not surprisingly I retired early last night.  The room is basic but for £8 a night half board what do you want –

 It wasn’t my plan to lie in this morning, nor was it my plan to be up at 5.30 but they have chickens at the YMCA and, yes, where you have chickens you find a cockerel, and this one doesn’t know the difference between false dawn and dawn so started crowing just before 4.00.  This did mean though that I was up showered (cold – what else!) and outside to appreciate my Camp Granada moment (you know – Just a minute it’s stopped raining…  -  “Do try to keep up”) as I took in the view over the Indian Ocean from my door.

At 6:15 this picture doesn’t do the view justice so I walked just past the building in front a bit later and took these –

I bet you’re really feeling sorry for me about now.  Incidentally let me introduce Ava who is looking after me.

But! I didn’t come all this way to dally in Shangri La, so after breakfast I climbed on the back of Denis’ motorbike and went to the school.  I met the deputy head and the headteacher had a tour of the school and discussed what I could do to help, and so the outcome is that next Monday morning bright and early (well school starts at 8.00) I’ve got double maths for 80 minutes with class III.  I’ll tell you what that means as far as age etc in the next instalment.  We then did some shopping and I bought a local Sim Card.  I now have to try to get my own internet working, find a bike (push) from somewhere and a few other tasks to keep me busy over the weekend.  I’m going back to Tanga tomorrow (I’ll try for a seat this time) to investigate a couple of things, so will find an Internet Café to post this.

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