Thursday, 20 September 2012

And now the teachers

Wednesday September 19th

Having started Form III. in pairs, on an introduction to computers and MSWord I offered to the Deputy Head, Mr Bakari, that I would be willing to do the same for any staff that were interested, so today I had Mr Daffa and Mr Zacharia for over an hour.  Mr Daffa, who teaches Maths and Chemistry had never been on a computer so we started with Word but Mr Zacharia, who teaches Geography and Biology, was interested in Excel so I delighted in showing him the beginnings of what my favourite program can do.

Apart from a double lesson of maths with Form I at 8:00, the rest of the day was spent fighting the internet to try to download virus protection onto the school computer and update it with the latest file.  Considering the school sits directly under three of the biggest radio masts for miles, the reception is still poor and I long for my Fibre Optic link at home.

I left my mains lead at school so couldn’t really use my laptop in the evening so I am afraid this is a day late.  Tomorrow’s will be fuller.

Usiku Mwema

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