Friday, 26 October 2012

The Presentation

Tuesday October 23rd

The next few blogs, I am afraid might well be short ones (who said thank God), as I am way behind.  The electricity when I got back to Pangani was powerful enough to register that it existed on my extension power light, but not powerful enough to light up a fluorescent tube.  Since breaking my screen I am restricted to watching my laptop using a projector and didn't want to risk the bulb with ‘dirty’ electrics.

Today was presentation day.  Thanks to the generosity of a few of my readers I was able to purchase an HP printer and a quantity of ink cartridges to provide long term usage.  I took it to school and I thought Mr Mmari was going to cry, he was so overcome.  The first thing he did was to type out all the names and responsibilities of the student government and print it out to put on the noticeboard outside.  The heading, done in Word Art, was reminiscent of many I have seen through the years by students at Carleton.  He had carefully written down all the instructions for printing and has practiced inserting a new ink cartridge, so I feel that for the reasonably long term future it will not be left to simply gather dust.

The presentation.  Mr Masui is the one on the left!

I had left some work for my Form III for Mr Masui to do with them whilst I was travelling back from Dar and as usual in such a case had included loads of examples so he would not run short of work for them.  This morning Peter, who tends to be class monitor, turned up with a pile of books where every student had completed all the work and I was left with about five or six pages of marking for each of them.  The books, as I've said before, are the old ‘foolscap’ size, so the task was, to say the least, onerous.  I’ll know next time not to be so clever.


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