Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A reason for laughter

 Monday October 29th

A couple of things I need to mention first.  I explained yesterday about the workmen from Moshi and the reasons they had traveled so far.  This became even more apparent today.  As I set off for school just after 7:00 am this morning I got a cheery wave and a few ‘Habaris’ as they started work.  As I arrived home from school in the heat of the afternoon at about 3:00 pm, they were still at it, and as I went to my room at 10:00 last night the sound of the arc welder was still clearly audible as they toiled on under fluorescent light.  A good day’s work by anyone’s standard.

The second thing is the Boza Printer Appeal.  I was delighted to receive another donation yesterday.  I know I’ve managed to purchase a printer with the money so far, but anyone who uses an HP printer at all knows that the running costs of ink and paper can mount up over the year.  Because of this the appeal is still open and all funds will go to supporting the use of the printer for as long as possible.

Back to school this morning to realise that kids are the same the world over and if I really expected the students here to revise over a bank holiday weekend I was kidding myself, as the results in this morning’s tests clearly showed.   Form I did quite well on their test but Form III were sadly lacking and for the first time this adventure they heard me growl; not a big one, after all it had been Eid, but a growl never the less.  Sadly I was growling at a reduced class as well, as the journey back to school for over a third of the class, was being taken from school time.

Back at the YMCA, I was finding out how important the television was.  The TV appears to run on a version of our set top box and although they do not subscribe to any of the ‘pay to view’ channels, they do get about five free ones through an enormous roof-top satellite dish.  Then last week the decoder box developed a fault and with, what is obviously a major draw, out of action, the numbers of locals that drop in for a drink has plummeted.  This also means I am falling sadly behind with the episodes of my South African soap which owes oh so much to the standards laid down by Crossroads and Albion Market.

And finally, the reason for the title.  I explained a couple of days ago about my trip to the barber’s and how I had got a little peeved that the barber thought my pronunciation worthy of such laughter and I told how I got a little dig in with the seven times table.  Well, Denis turned up this evening and told me the real reason for much of the humour.  It appears that when I was demonstrating my ability to count in Swahili I inadvertently slipped up and ended one of the words with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘i’.  On such errors can wars be started as it appears that instead of saying ‘ten’, as I thought I had, in fact I had likened my merry scissor waver to a certain unmentionable part of a lady’s anatomy. My blushes prevent me from any translation as I plead the fifth amendment and ask you to use your imagination, but I can assure you that the word if used in English would not have simply provoked laughter but quite likely a little more physical response.

I obviously need to be more careful.


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