Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The best laid plans

Monday October 1st

Having ridden down to Pangani at 5:30 this morning to leave his motorbike and save seats on the Dala dala, so that Rose and Vicky could board at the end of the road, Denis is now stuck in Tanga.  When they got there Rose’s bus was full and there were no seats so they are staying over and going tomorrow.  As Denis himself said in his text, TIA.  I’ll have to find a new drinking partner tonight.


I handed out my pictures on the way to school this morning, having already, last night, given Rose a copy of the photo of Denis from an earlier blog  The rock breaker was not working, for the first time since I arrived, so I called out ‘hodi’ and he came out of his house to greet me.  I’m not that certain what hodi means I think it is something like ‘I am outside can I come in’. I don’t think he knew what to say when I gave him the picture but certainly as I went down the hill after school his wife appeared and shouted out a cheerful “asante!” (thankyou) which was handy because I at least know the response to that – “karibu!” (your welcome).  The other photos were also well received especially the one of Mr Marri in front of his house.  My only problem is that there have already been a few hints of others that want similar treatment.  I’ll have to buy a job lot of Weetabix boxes.

Mr Marri informed me when we met that he would not be in school all day as he was taking seven of my Form III students to Pangani as part of some Civic course.  Knowing that the only transport in school is Mr Mtotele’s motor bike, I enquired whether they were going on a Dala dala but Mr Marri replied, “No, we’ll walk.  It’s only 5km.”  I didn’t envy them, in the heat, although he did say a steep path down to sea level was a short cut.  Having walked to the edge of the school property and taken a shot of the sheer drop that is there I only hope it was a safer way down.  On the way back from the cliff I detoured to take a picture of the masts that provide extra rental income for the school every year.  I’m unsure whether they also speed up cooking times.

With many of my class out for the day, I hastily rewrote my lesson plan and we did an experiment to gather data about reaction times.  I’m pleased to say it went very well. That and more computer lessons filled my day although I did get the first request for a photo. One of many to come I am sure.

Anna, Sakina and Kamishina

Incidentally I am still coming to grips with the various ages of pupils.  I know these three are 16, 17 and 17 but I do have two in the class who are 20.  I will investigate what the ages of compulsory schooling are and let you know.

Arrived home very hot thinking a swim was the order of the day but I am afraid the site of a fresh sheet stretched on my bed was too much of a draw, so siesta time called.  I am spoilt in that I get clean sheets and towel Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Adventure?  Sometimes maybe not.


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