Thursday, 25 October 2012

Return to the sticks

Monday October 25th

Karim picked me up and we arrived at Ubungo early for my 8:30 basi back to Pangani.  It was a good job we did because after searching for Shillingi VIP on the front of one of the buses we were informed that it had crashed and I would have to transfer to a Tanga coach.  As they gave me a new ticket and refunded Tsh 2000 to cover the loss of the Pangani part of the trip, I had no reason to doubt the story and bid farewell to my guide and found my seat.

Once again I found myself on the window side of a pair of seats anxiously scanning my fellow travellers as they boarded to see who would be my companion for the next six hours.  You win some, you lose some.  I’ve had some interesting companions on my travels over here but this one was only really interesting in her size as she could easily have auditioned for the Roly Polys.  I am the last person to be sizeist with a track record like mine but I was hoping for a minimum of 50% of the seat on the road up to Tanga.

My new bus company, in fact, left at 8:00 so , as I had to change anyway, I took advantage of the stop-over in Tanga to visit a computer shop and arrange for a new screen to be for to my laptop which hopefully will see me back into regular contact again.

Returned home to find the place over-run with bl***y Muzungus.  They get everywhere.  A group working in the hills had come down with some friends for some rest and relaxation at the YMCA and are spending days going out in boats and snorkelling and the like.  I’m very envious. 

Back to school tomorrow.


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